Feeling Safe in Your Relationship: How Safe Are You?

My dear friend and colleague, Dr. Jim Goldstein, has a new video out to promote his upcoming Powerful Partnerships Couples Course that I wanted to share with you.  What does this have to do with Leadership and Business Development you ask?  EVERYTHING!  If you don’t feel safe in your primary relationship, it doesn’t offer you a safe foundation from which to step into your role as a leader, an executive, a coach, or a marketer.  Your sales suffer, your revenues suffer, your results suffer when your relationship is not supporting you. One of the most fundamental aspects of an intimate relationship is the ability to feel safe with your partner.  Ironically, we often feel unsafe around the person who is supposed to love us more than anyone else.  We may not feel completely free to be who we are or to express how we feel.  It shouldn’t be that way and with some coaching it doesn’t have to be. Check it out Jim’s new video:

P.S The next Couples Course begin on January 7, 2010.  It guarantees to improve your relationship no matter how long you have been together and what your current situation is. There is a $100 discount for early enrollment.

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