Encrypt anything you wish to protect online for free with new site!

The guy who created SocialOomph, Dewald Pretorius, has created a new website that provides secure encryption services for all of us!
Basically, you use the free site to encrypt text you want to protect, paste the encrypted text into a tweet, email, Facebook post, Google Plus post, etc., and give the decryption password to the recipient. The recipient uses the site to decrypt the content using the password you used for encryption (only someone who knows the password can decrypt it).
It is very simple to use. There is nothing to install and nothing to configure. As the name suggests, is free and always will be.
Here’s what Dewald says about why he did it:  “I believe there are many people who would prefer a bit more privacy when communicating online, but don’t have the funds to purchase or the expertise to configure commercial encryption software.  This service is for us, the ‘person in the street’.”
If you know someone who can benefit from the site, please let them know.

Free Encryption For Everyone

Very easily encrypt and decrypt any content you can copy & paste. Free of charge. Nothing to install. Use from anywhere on any device. No need to register or sign up.

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