A practical, timely, and relevant little book that practices what it preaches, Rebooting Leadership …practical lessons for frontline leaders“, by Meredith Kimbell, Richard Hadden and Bill Catlette delivers bite-sized wisdom for leaders at all stages of their leadership development.
They do a great job of laying out the landscape of current and timely factors and variables that influence the environment in which we lead today, and then teach us how to essentially push the reset button to refresh your leadership operating system!
My favorite chapter is the one on Influencing in a Sound-Bite World, where the authors remind us that, “as the world becomes increasingly complex and moves faster, it is even more important that you learn to listen, understand, and respond to others effectively. Bottom line, your skillfulness as an influencer is a critical leadership competency.” In this chapter they talk about creating advocates, influencing senior leaders, and influencing diverse audiences.
The whole book is only 106 pages, so it’s a quick and easy read, jam-packed with wisdom and useful nuggets based on the authors’ collective decades of experience.
Meredith Kimbell is a very respected coaching colleague who has been a frequent guest blogger for this site, and her practical wisdom and actionable nuggets are always well received!
The book is filled with how-to strategies, not just sound bite wisdom. Chapters include:

  • It’s a new world
  • Bone honest
  • Rebuilding Trust
  • Riding the Waves
  • Getting Sticky
  • You Get Paid to Think!
  • Friending
  • Failing
  • Influencing in a Sound Bite World
  • Pressing the Button

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