Assessment Instruments for Coaches who Use Them

I’ve gotten away from using normative assessments in coaching, mainly because most of the leaders and executives I coach are at levels in their organizations where they’ve taken a number of assessments previously, so we integrate those results in our coaching goal-setting and leadership development work.  However, it’s really handy to have a good, curated list of assessments to choose from, particularly if a need arises with a client and it seems evident that an assessment instrument would be beneficial.  This list, written by my partner Bill Bergquist, is a great place to start!!

Assessment Instruments to be Used in Conjunction with Professional Coaching: A Resource List

The list of instruments in this document is not intended to be definitive. These instruments have been presented to illustrate the broad range of resources that are available for instrument-based coaching and to point to several places where an organizational coach might turn when building a library of appropriate instruments for use as a professional coach. Six criteria were used for selecting the instruments included on this list: (1) the company producing the instrument is stable and unlikely to go out of existence in the near future, (2) the company producing the instrument provides satisfactory or excellent customer service, (3) the instrument has been used by myself or my coaching colleagues and found to be of value in various organizational settings, (4) the instrument is reasonably priced, (5) the instrument measures a dimension of executive functioning that has been found to be of interest to many coaching clients, and (6) the instrument can be administered and interpreted without a professional license (though in some cases, formal training and certification is required to use the instrument, or certain data from the instrument can only be interpreted by a licensed professional). In some instances the instrument was chosen in part because of the interesting format of the questions or scoring form.  CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE LIBRARY OF PROFESSIONAL COACHING WHERE THIS LIST IS POSTED.

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