True Strength


I love this REALLY powerful video — it’s the 12-minute reprise on Oprah of Randy Pausch’s last lecture at Carneigie Mellon. Mr. Pausch used to teach at my alma mater, UVA!  His message includes not only great lessons for life, but demonstrates true leadership as well.  His key point of “anything is possible” and his advice to “try for your dreams even if you don’t achieve them” are words of wisdom for leaders in any organization.  He discusses the importance of people over things, and that we must have humility, the freedom to express our creativity, and always have a sense of fun and wonder.  Wouldn’t your workplace be better if your leaders valued those things, too?  Mr. Pausch reminds us that the brick walls in our way in life are there to show us how much we really want something, and he stresses the value of having a great coach who cares enough to make you better at what you do.

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