The Top 10 Most Common Organizational Challenges

  1. Awareness:
    Senior leadership team lacks alignment, they operate in silos and don’t collaborate effectively, there’s tension and mistrust between them that radiates throughout the organization.
  2. Communication:
    Leadership doesn’t effectively communicate information, priorities, expectations and changes with the rest of the organization in a timely manner, or at all.
  3. Development:
    Lack of a clear career path for upward opportunities or professional growth for leaders and employees.  No succession plan in place or onboarding plan for new hires.
  4. Interpersonal:
    Culture is missing a system, process, or support for resolving conflicts and disagreements between leaders and teams.
  5. Influence:
    Departments, divisions, business units, offices, or teams work in silos by function and don’t really know what other areas of the organization are doing or how to leverage them.
  6. Culture:
    Employee engagement and morale are low.  Environment of constant change, uncertainty, ambiguity, complexity, and volatility. Motivation and engagement are missing.
  7. Trust:
    Different levels of leadership don’t trust other levels.  Different divisions or departments don’t trust other divisions or departments.  It’s hard to navigate the politics.
  8. Integrity:
    Leadership behaviors are not aligned with stated leadership values or intended corporate culture.
  9. Safe environment:
    Middle and lower level leaders, employees and staff are not empowered or don’t have a way to safely provide feedback to senior leadership, or leadership is not open to hearing new ideas and approaches.
  10. Accountability:
    Lack of accountability systems and structures across the organization. Nobody seems to be holding “them” accountable. (Every level of the organization says this about other levels).

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