Tap into your inner wisdom: Find the Guru Within!

Leadership is a combination of awareness, aligned action, and authenticity, and innovative influence occurs at the integration point between leadership, coaching, and business development.
The heart of it all is that each of us has to find our own authentic way of structuring what we want to influence, whether it’s to get someone to buy our services, our products, or our ideas.  I could learn from the best of the gurus out there about leadership or about coaching or about business development.  I could even follow their exact steps for success and do it exactly the way they did it, and it would not be authentic for me because it’s me trying to be/ do whoever I’m studying.  I find this with my clients, with colleagues, with members of my mastermind group, etc.
A surefire way to put magic in your message is to tap into the guru within and find what’s uniquely yours to say in the world…and then say it!
What do you have a passion for?  What matters most to you? What’s meaningful to you, that you have a point of view about or experience with?  What universal truths have you discovered for yourself that you can then impart to others in a way that creates a meaningful impact or transformation for them?
I could tell you my 10-step approach to sales, and you could do it exactly as I laid it out, but I guarantee you’ll get better results faster if you tweak it to be authentic to you and your natural style.

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