Surprise Them With Excellence


Entertainment industry experts know that to market and sell their performers, those artists would do well to look or show up a certain way.  We have certain expectations of appearance, don’t we?  You expect someone meeting with the CEO to wear a suit, polished shoes, pressed shirt, flawless exterior with matching accessories, right?  We expect our entertainers to look the part as well.  It is much harder to develop business, no matter how good you or your products are, without the branding of your personal appearance to impact the buyer’s impressions, right?  Think again!  These videos both show unlikely superstars with enormous gifts wrapped in packaging that doesn’t fit our expectations.
The video embedding was not available for Susan Boyle’s performance and if you haven’t already seen it,  you’ll have to click through to see it on You Tube, but it is well worth the watch!  She’s a homeless, unemployed, 47 year old firecracker who will blow your socks off!
The next one is a 12 year old girl who has an unbelievably huge voice that wipes the smirk off of Simon Cowell’s face.  It’s worth the 6 minutes!  🙂  Enjoy!

Britain’s Got Talent: 12 jr old Faryl Smith – Watch more Funny Videos

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