Should leaders motivate or inspire or both?

What’s the difference, really?  I tend to think of motivation as motion or causing movement in someone. And inspiration, to inspire, means to breathe in.  Take a look at the article below and add your thoughts and definitions!
In a provocative article on the Library of Professional Coaching, Bill Burtch tackles this question in his article titled, Motivation or Inspiration.  Here’s an excerpt:

Motivation is something that comes from within. As a manager or leader, I don’t believe I can motivate you to do something, especially something that you aren’t interested in doing. Motivation is completely personal.
What I CAN do is to create an environment that fosters self-motivation, based on precisely what motivates you – whether that’s money, responsibility, trust, empowerment, social meaning or something else.
And that’s where inspiration comes into the picture, in creating that environment. Inspiration is an external factor. It’s the spark that lights up an individual’s motivators and sets them into action.

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