Leadership Behaviors that Build Trust

Many thanks to Emily Jarvis for posting her blog post on Gov Loop about how to cultivate trust in large organizations.  She listed the 13 behaviors of trust from Stephen M. R. Covey’s book, The Speed of Trust, and the list is excerpted here for you!

All leaders must consider trust as a critical element in their leadership toolkit. Primarily, as a leader, you must trust yourself.  After that, knowing how to create trust quickly with peers, direct reports, media, vendors, board members, stakeholders, and key influencers in the leadership of your organization is a must-have skill.  Here’s the list of behaviors that build trust:

  1. Talk straight.
  2. Demonstrate respect.
  3. Create transparency.
  4. Right wrongs.
  5. Show loyalty.
  6. Deliver results.
  7. Get better.
  8. Confront reality.
  9. Clarify expectations.
  10. Practice accountability.
  11. Listen first.
  12. Keep commitments.
  13. Extend trust.

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