Whether applied to leadership, to business development, or to regular life, the answer to most of what you have been wondering about can be simply garnered if you’d just ask.  Of course, it’s tricky, often, to identify whom to ask and what exactly to ask, but it’s so surprising how often we overlook the simple “just ask” strategy in favor of more complex, indirect, circuitous, and ineffective routes!
Elizabeth Gilbert sums it up beautifully in her post on HuffingtonPost:

Nearly 800 years ago, the Persian mystic poet Rumi wrote, “You must ask for what you really want.” He saw asking as a sacred duty, and I think he was right — not because your wishes will be granted automatically (they won’t), but because the mere act of saying aloud “This is who I am and what I’ve come for” seems to awaken a powerful force within. By articulating your wish, you’re making an announcement that you’re serious about bringing forth the next great thing in your life.
I can’t instruct you in exactly how to ask for things — it’s not my area of expertise, and there are too many variables to account for. Sometimes you have to be gracious and charming, and other times you have to be brash and bold. But generally speaking, it’s a surprisingly simple formula: Just freaking ask. Because the essential fact is that asking is the best way — the only way, really—to what you want.


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