Is this new data on the rise of women credible?

One of the speakers at TEDWomen in DC this past month was Hanna Rosin, sharing “new data” on the rise of women.  I’m wondering about her sources, but would love your take on this video.  I think it’s rather controversial, because this sounds different than most of the data I’ve learned about recently regarding women in the workforce and at leadership ranks.  My  notes on the video are below, and then you can click on the video itself and let me know what you think!  If she’s right, what impact do you see this having on leadership in our global economy?
Hanna Rosin: New data on the rise of women
Power dynamics between men and women is changing rapidly in unprecedented ways
for every 2 men who get a college degree, 3  women will do same
women managers are more than 50% of managers
women now, for first year this year are majority of American workforce
global economy is becoming a place where women are more successful than men
75% of couples are requesting girls, not boys in American fertility clinics
the 200,000 year period in which men have been top dog is coming to an end
In recession, men took brunt of job losses worldwide. “He-cession” hit men harder.  Men suffered 3/4ths of the 8 million job losses since beginning of 2008
Women are now the majority in American workplace
Bureau of Labor Statistics:  women now hold 51.4% of managerial and professional jobs – up from 26.1% in 1980
Of the 15 job categories projected to grow the most in the next decade in the US, all but 2 are occupied primarily by women
Women begin to take over as top family earners
US survey reveals that of 2000 communities, the young, childless, single women earn more than men and are buying houses more than men are
Polarization of economy:  dividing into high skill, high wage jobs and low skill, low wage jobs and middle is dropping out…40 year trend
Used to have manufacturing economy, now it’s a service, information, and creative economy.  Requires different skills.  Women better at acquiring new skills than men have been
New economy indifferent to size and strength, which has helped men. Now need: intelligence, sit still & focus, communicate openly, listen to people, operate in fluid workplace.  Women do these things extremely well.
Management theory has changed from command control, hierarchical, to foster creativity, get employees to talk to each other, build teams, get them to be creative…all things women do well.
College gender gap widens…57% are women  and women are earning more PHD’s than men for the first time
“She’s the man, now!”
In India and China, women are starting small businesses faster than men, learning English faster than men.
South Korea intensity of first born son preference has dropped significantly since mid-1980’s
Stereotypes are changing.

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Reminds me of that article that went viral: The End of Men

I didn’t see that article, Kare! I’m always skeptical of anything that points to gendricide. Yes, I totally just made up that word. 🙂

I think it is right and that women should take control of the world so that wars and chaos can come to an end.

@James Dulson, I really hope you are kidding? Margaret Thatcher, Indira Ghandi, Queen Victoria? All war all the time. This is the hypocrisy of the feminist movement, supporting female equality and ignoring issues affecting men is not true equality.

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