Intuition as Key to Game-Changing Innovation

Many leaders hunger for innovation in their operations, yet fear the “touchy-feely, soft stuff” of intuition.  Intuition as a leadership skill gets a bad rap…it’s somehow not taken seriously or considered scientific enough.  Is intuition evidence-based?  Can it be measured with metrics a leader can report to shareholders or the board?  Not directly.  But coaches have relied on intuition as a core skill and in this great article

Intuition and Coaching: Why Intuition Needs to Come Out of the Closet and Stay Out

by Laura Berman Fortgang, she argues “that coaches are the voice of their client’s intuition.”

People who honor their intuition raise their kids differently, they lead differently, they create work environments where good ideas can flourish and fear is reduced for all. Wouldn’t that make a difference to the global situations we face?

Laura’s article is a call to action for coaches to lead the way in bringing intuition-as-credible-skill out of the closet.  Click HERE to read the article at the Library of Professional Coaching.

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