Final notes from A Day with Werner Erhard at CAM 2012

Third installment and final set of notes from A Day With Werner:
“Occur” speaks about what shows up for you as life is lived by you.
“Correlated” – connected in some way — not a connection of cause and effect
2 things that are in a dance with each other
2 things that are interrelated by being naturally, necessarily closely connected – mutually arising
2 things that are always a match for each other
What is the source of your way of being and acting?  Your way of being and acting arise together as though one thing.
What is that to which I can gain access? Opens up the possibility of being a master of life.
The way things occur for people is constituted in language/ colored and shaped by language.
Authentic listening is so they feel gotten.
What you take for granted is dangerous.
What I am is the space in which all of this occurs.
I am/ you are the space in which life shows up.  You are/ I am the clearing in which life occurs.
Worthless until you can discover being out here.  The you you call I/me shows up in the space that you are.
I am the space in which life occurs for me.  My way of being (what’s internal) is another thing that shows up in that space.
Way of being an action are a natural correlate of the way what I’m dealing with occurs for me.  Be OUT HERE with you and dance.
Being alive is a privilege.
I am the space, the clearing in which you occur for me.
There’s no top to the “mastery mountain”.
Being and action are commensurate with my commitment.

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Dear Ms. Pomerantz,
Thank you for such a clear re-capitulation of the basic principles of Transformation as I remember Werner Erhard and his associates teaching them. I can testify from my own experience that your work here reflects diligence and close attention.
H. Talat Halman

Thank you so much! I’m glad you visited here. It was quite an experience being in the presence of the legend, himself.

Thank-you, Suzi. Werner Erhard is an evergreen. I love the guy. I did Insight Training Seminars instead of est, in the early 1980s. Now, the guy sings to me. There’s a film critic on Australian TV called Margaret Pomeranz. Any relation?

Hi, Bruno! Yes, I’d only heard tales of the mysterious and legendary Mr. Erhard and was intrigued to see him first hand. Nope, no relation that I know of to the other Pomerantz you mention.

Following on to Werner Erhard’s “Life is a game in which that which is not is more important than what is”: I’ve just made an awesome salsa (tomato or napolitan sauce). Before that, I felt like making salsa for the spaghetti to eat for lunch, but it was not in existence. Therefore, what wasn’t (the pasta sauce and pasta) was more important than what was. However, what was, was hunger for pasta. I could have waited until tonight and not eaten until then (for a truer hunger to be evident), but the problem would have been the same. (Life is not a problem to be solved but an experience to be lived–Soren Kierkegaard.) My question is, is it more important to see what is, or to achieve what is not yet until it is?

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