Confident Leaders Know that Titles do not Create Leadership


REAL LEADERSHIP suzipomerantz.comHave you ever noticed that leadership beliefs dictate leadership behaviors?  I’d go so far as to say that leadership presence is generated from your leadership beliefs…both the conscious and the unconscious.
Recently a client asked me for my definition of leadership.  My response to her was:

“Real Leadership is not a function of position or role, rather it shows up when a mission-driven, passionate, committed influencer creates space in which results happen through others.”

When leaders operate from beliefs aligned with the definition above, they move mountains, making things happen from wherever they sit in the organizational hierarchy.
Contrast to that are those leaders (and we’ve all met them!) who believe their power is in their position, and they lead from the assumed authority of their title, either consciously or blindly seeking to mask their insecurity.
Confident leaders lead from where they are…they bloom wherever they are planted, and their title is not a weapon used to help them feel important at the expense of others.

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