Commit Before You’re Prepared – video interview with Jim Selman at CAM2012

Just when you thought I was done sharing about CAM2012, there’s more!
The wonderful Phyllis Haynes interviewed Jim Selman in a TV talk show style, and you can access the video here!
“Commit before you’re prepared” ~Jim Selman
“When you commit to something, it changes you as an observer” ~Jim Selman
“How we organize our relationship to life is through our commitments!” ~Jim Selman
“Everything that’s not working, now becomes actionable.” ~Jim Selman

“I’m clear that there ARE toxic bosses, it just doesn’t have anything to do with the boss!”~Jim Selman
“No human being can see themselves in action.” ~Jim Selman

Just for kicks, you can view my photos from CAM here:

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