Brilliant 5 Step Plan for How to Program Your Subconscious Mind to Align with What You Most Want

Marie Forleo has this fabulous weekly online tv show that I watch religiously because it’s usually really short and always packs powerful insights for entrepreneurs.  This week’s show featured Dr. Cathy Collautt talking about her 5 step plan for how to harness the wisdom of your subconscious, which scientists say is one million times more powerful than your conscious mind.  Here are her 5 steps, and you can watch the 14 minute video below.  It’s REALLY great.
Once you identify the places where your subconscious mind is not necessarily lined up with what you really want in life, you can follow Cathy’s steps:
1.  Be humble
2. Get specific
3. Make a promise
4. Find exemplary examples
5.  Solidify and affirm
Check out the short video below for the meat around each of these 5 bones, and how it applies to one entrepreneur who fears that the trappings of success could cost her the thing she most passionately values; her freedom!

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