Accountability…the bottom line


Accountability is something that comes up in every organization, and among many leaders who struggle to find ways to have their teams demonstrate consistent accountability.  The bottom line is that real accountability is a personal choice, and many people find it easier to blame others or perceive themselves to be a victim of circumstances rather than empower themselves to personally alter their response to their own circumstances.  Accountability, like leadership, is a choice.  The concept is articulated deftly by Dr. Hawkins, author of the book I: Reality and Subjectivity.

“Beliefs are the determinant of what one experiences.
There are no external ‘causes’…One’s underlying programs can be discovered by simply writing down one’s linty of grievances and woes and then merely turning them around into their opposites.
“People hate me” stems from one’s own inner hatreds.
“People don’t care about me” stems from one’s narcissistic absorption with one’s happiness and gain instead of that of others.
“I don’t get enough love” stems from not giving love to others.
“People are rude to me” stems from lack of cordiality to others.
“People are jealous of me” arises from inner jealousy of others.
Thus, if we take responsibility for being the author of our world, we can come close to its source where we can correct it.”

–Dr. David R. Hawkins (I:Reality and Subjectivity)

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