You Are Worthy of Love and Belonging. You Are Enough!

You’ve gotta see this video from TEDxHouston, where the researcher/storyteller Brene Brown shares her learning from a decade of research into the intangibles of connection, fear, vulnerability, and worthiness.
It’s a 20 minute video, so make sure you’ve got time – it’s brilliant! And she’s funny, too.
A few notes I jotted down while watching it:

  • Connection is why we’re here
  • Connection is the source of purpose and meaning in our lives
  • Shame is defined as a fear of disconnection or a fear we won’t be worthy of connection
  • We all have the excruciating vulnerability of “I’m not good enough”
  • Allow yourself to be really seen in order to create connection
  • A sense of worthiness comes from a strong sense of love and belonging
  • Those who live with that sense of love and belonging are only one variable away from those who struggle for it
  • The differentiating variable is that they believe they are worthy of love and belonging
  • Courage is to tell the story of who you are with your good heart, from the latin word “cour” or heart
  • Be imperfect, have compassion for yourself, connection is a result of authenticity
  • let go of who you think you should be for who you are
  • fully embrace vulnerability:  what makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful
  • vulnerability is necessary:  the willingness to do something where there are no guarantees, to invest in a relationship, to say “I love you” first
  • we numb vulnerability with addictions, but you cannot selectively numb emotions, so when you numb the bad feelings you numb everything
  • you numb joy and happiness
  • we make everything uncertain CERTAIN:  religion, politics
  • blame is a way to discharge pain and discomfort
  • YOU are worthy of love and belonging
  • Let yourself be deeply seen
  • Love with your whole heart even when it hurts
  • Believe:  I AM ENOUGH

Here’s Brene in her own words:

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