Wisdom from my Tea Tags

I’ve heard of reading tea leaves to determine someone’s fortune, but I have to say that some of the tags on my tea bags have wonderful words of wisdom on them!  I’ve posted a bunch of them on Twitter (you can find them by searching for #teatweets) and here are a few more, just for kicks:

  1. Speak the truth
  2. The moment you love, you are unlimited
  3. Your soul is your highest self
  4. The beauty of life is to experience yourself
  5. The body is a temple.  Take care of it.
  6. The mind is energy.  Regulate it.
  7. The art of happiness is to serve all.
  8. Recognize that you are the truth
  9. Grace brings contentment
  10. Happiness comes from contentment

Which one do you find most inspiring?

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