The Business of Coaching is Changing. Will You Change With It?

My friend and colleague, Dr. Pat Williams, asked me to share this groundbreaking event:

The Coaches Care Success Summit

The emergence of the coaching profession over the past 10 years has allowed a growing community of inspired, like-minded individuals to deliver their transformational gift throughout the world. Coaches now support thousands of clients and organizations in all walks of life, making a living out of their passion and making a difference with their daily work.
Yet many coaches are not achieving the true success that they desire or deserve, financially or in service. With a business to build (and a difficult economy to contend with!) many practices would benefit from new, improved models and techniques that are more in line with the collective sense of success both personally and professionally.
In a changing world, it seems inevitable that the business of coaching will change too.
The good news is it’s moving in an empowered, community-centered direction and successful industry experts are ready to share how and why with you. Help (and inspiration) is on the way!
This June, Coaches Care is presenting an Inaugural Event: The Coaches Care Success Summit, a 5-day teleconference series with strategic business education targeting individual and organizational coaching practices around the world. From June 22-26, 2009, 15 leaders in the industry will present powerful, timely insight on the latest coaching models, powerful marketing, social responsibility and much more.
Participate by telephone from the comfort of your home or office AND get access to all five days of Summit recordings for later listening at your convenience. You don’t need to attend live to receive all the benefits.
The Summit will seek to expose the valuable opportunities coaches have to achieve greater levels of success while simultaneously serving the global community. It is a strong commitment to service that places the coaching profession prominently in the vanguard of the human potential movement.
Our goal is to help you build and sustain your business and deliver broad, community-based support to coaching non-profit organizations.
Help us further the long-term sustainability and growth of coaching: an innate human capacity, a developed form of art and a catalyst for positive social change.
Join us for this groundbreaking event!
June 22-26, 2009 1pm EST daily
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