Free story inspires in an otherwise cynical world

My colleague Lable Braun wrote a beautiful story of kindness, compassion, and faith as part of his series the Legends of the Lamed Vav, which is part of a larger Lamed Vav project he’s spearheading. It also happens to be a great parable for leadership, in my  humble opinion.  🙂
Lable is giving the story away as a gift and asking people to sign up at his site to get a copy of the Simple Chaim story and keep in touch regarding the other stories and future developments. The form is at the bottom of the page here: . It’s available on Kindle and Nook as well. If you are moved to do so, please share the story by sending folks to the web page to sign up for their gift copy.
Here’s a synopsis from the Amazon description:
A young girl’s world is falling apart. Only her frail mother’s faith in an ancient legend, the Lamed-Vav, stands between Raizel and the total loss of all she loves.
In the end, Raizel will discover that nothing is ever quite what one expects, and the most miraculous results can come from unexpected sources.
In this first in a series of stories, an old legend is introduced to help us face the challenges of our times. Our modern myth that people are only out for their own narrow interests, and that only strength and wealth prevails, is put to the test by an ancient myth of love and compassion being the true foundations of the world.

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