Coaching as Romantic Adventure

Charlie Smith, inspired by Don Juan DeMarco in the Marlon Brando movie, has created 6 Rules for having life and work be either a romantic adventure or nothing at all. The full article is HERE, but the basic rules, which I think are pretty dynamite advice on their own, are listed below:

Rule Number One: Stop needing anybody’s agreement ever for who you are and how you are being.
Rule Number Two: Pay attention to what you love and to what truly attracts you.
Rule Number Three: Know in your blood that your power and impact is coming from the way people contrast your way of being, moment by moment, with their own attitude and experience.
Rule Number Four: Fully accept people and situations exactly the way they are.
Rule Number Five: Be content being stuck where you are.
Rule Number Six: You do not have to seek breakthroughs and extraordinary results in intentional and forceful ways.

Read the full article, including the poem by T.S. Eliot over at the Library of Professional Coaching.

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