Artism…the amazing mind of an autistic artist

This man will blow your mind.
Stephen Wiltshire is an autistic artist.  His “artism” is his genius.
His autism makes communication challenging, but gave his brain a phenomenal gift.  He’s called “the Human Camera” and you’ve gotta see him in action.  The video clip is only 5 minutes, and it’s a real WOW.

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brilliant and so illustrative of the brilliance there is to be harnessed — both in the rare savants and in each of us to move beyond fear into connection with people who are challenged in mild and severe ways…

You are so right, Jak! Especially as coaches, we can tap into that brilliance in each of the leaders we coach and help them to shine a spotlight on their own artistry.

Love this! Goes to show you, God gives each of us “Talents”! My son was diagnosed as autistic when he was a small child. He has struggled as well. Later, we learned that he had other learning & cognitive challenges as well. But he has continued to grow, & learn at his own pace. He has become a very good chef, & a massage therapist! No matter what your challenges are, always keep your mind open, continue to learn & discover your strengths & talents in life, & GO FOR IT!!! 🙂

Your son is lucky, Donna, to have you for his Mom to encourage him to find his own strengths. We all have challenges and we all have talents and the trick is to place our attention on the talents and not feel victimized by the challenges!

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