Snowpocalypse Humor

Well, we got a lot of snow here in Maryland.  Historical, record-breaking amounts of it, in fact.  We had 3 blizzards in 2 months, the last two just 3 days apart.   Saturday’s (blizzard #2) dumped 33 inches on us, and then Tuesday’s dumped another 15 inches.  Yeah, we don’t exactly have the infrastructure to handle that much snow around here. It’s not like we are Denver, or Boston.  We’re DC for heaven’s sake!
I couldn’t resist sharing some of the humorous images that have popped up during the “snowmageddon” of 2010, just so you can get a sense of the mood around here as we dig out…
hung snowman church sign F winter

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Haha, love the pictures. Somebody has a sense of humor out there 🙂 Seems you guys are getting all the snow out there and we have very little here in Denver. I hope you’re done for the year 🙂

Thanks, Ilka! Both Denver and Boston, places where I know folks choose to live because of the snow, seem to be experiencing very light winters, whereas those of us who live here in DC tend to choose this area because we don’t like too much snow! Joke’s on us, I guess! Rumor has it we’re expecting a couple more snowstorms this winter. Good grief.

WOW! Great pictures from there.
You seem to have a lot of creative people with some time on their hands…
Just remember…this too shall pass!
Stay warm!

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