Use Integrity-Based Business Communications to Speak Up at Work

Have you ever had an issue at work and felt paralyzed to speak up about it because you might look stupid or just because you didn’t know how to address it in the moment?
Or, do you feel like a deer in the headlights when someone has treated you badly at work and you know you should say something about it but you’re afraid you’ll lose your job or lose friends, or lose credibility?
Are you like me in that you never know what to say in the moment to confront someone in a respectful business communication, but you walk away angry and frustrated only to think of the perfect retort hours later?
You’re not alone!  Most of us hate confrontation, but Laurie Weiss, Ph.D. has just launched a new self-study course that teaches us the critical business communication skills we need to speak up with integrity and feel like a winner, not like a victim!
She teaches us how to use integrity-based business communications to stand up for ourselves, own our power, and turn potentially difficult conversations we’d otherwise avoid into amazing opportunities for cooperation and success. Check out her guest post below to get a sense of the wisdom and brilliance she has to offer!

What Is Integrity, Anyway?

Guest post by Dr. Laurie Weiss

Integrity is about wholeness.
Integrity is about values — it is about thoughtfully choosing your values and holding on to them despite the pressure you feel to compromise them.
Integrity is about using your values to guide your actions.
Integrity is about being willing to reexamine your values in the face of new information and to make a conscious decision about whether change is warranted.
Integrity is about respect. It is about self-respect and respecting others.
Integrity is about understanding differences.
Integrity is about believing in the basic, sound, underlying pattern of goodness, of wholeness in the world and in other people.
Integrity is about seeking that wholeness. It is about conversations that get through the surface junk and get to what is really important when we are together.
Integrity is about facing each other and listening to each other and really hearing each other and taking the actions we know are necessary.
Integrity is the bedrock on which trust is built.
Integrity is the hidden key to your success!
If you enjoyed this blog  post, The Integrity Course will provide much more information I believe will be useful to you. Included in this course are stories of how over 25 people confronted issues about integrity in the workplace. Learn more here.

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