Tools for Coaching Executive Teams

I’m always scouting for innovative tools that may make a real impact in areas of our field, and I’ve recently discovered a UK team, led by an experienced psychologist, that are known for developing innovative value propositions for coaches, such as the Jungian Character Analysis and a Learning Styles test which you can try for free by clicking on the links.
Two innovations of theirs that have particularly caught my attention, and which you may find interesting are; that offers coaches a full suite of psychometric tests, 360s and surveys in their brand, working off their website, with no set-up fees, and with a fully pay-per-use pricing structure.  It’s one of those full-service platforms that you can brand with your own coaching company brand so that your clients will only see it as your service. is a comprehensive online remote team coaching system allowing coaches sustained engagement with their teams. The platform accommodates many different styles, and through PDAs is designed to complement traditional coaching methods, adding the capability to work with several remote teams in parallel, (any of which an also be a remote coach-the-coach forum).  The real time learning environment, the intra-team virtuous circles, and the digital footprint of interactions which the coach can play back discretely, helps progress individuals towards sustained behavioral change.
I was invited as one of the North American pioneers to test the Premier Mentor platform.  Having tried out Premier Mentor with a live team, I found it impressive in action, and genuinely believe that the practical efficiencies it offers in addition to the opportunity for sustained coaching it provides, can help client and coach alike, hence why I said I would be happy to help them connect further afield. Three multi-nationals in energy, metals and retail have purchased several teams each. These are ramping up over the course of June.
If you are intrigued by either, I would encourage you to get in touch with Andrea [ & linked-in], who true to the concept, works from the mountains in Northern Italy.  Be sure to let him know you heard about him from me!

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