The Solution for a More Successful Business Partnership

Do you find that your business partners have differing views on the business, the relationship and more?
Does the thought of having a conversation with your partner leave you uneasy and frustrated?  Or do you avoid them altogether?
Do disagreements between you and your partners leave your staff or customers unsure of decisions?
Has your health been impacted by the challenges in the relationship?
Have you heard that most partnerships aren’t successful so you hesitate about getting into one?
You are not alone. Millions of smart and talented people suffer  in their partnership.  Sometimes the business isn’t successful and it negatively impacts the relationship.   Other times the individual needs of the partner change and they no longer align with the needs of the business.  Whatever the causes, more than 50% of all business partnerships fail. And in those that don’t, partners often feel like their only option is to “grin and bear it.”

That’s why partnership and communications expert, Linda Finkle wrote a new book called Finding the Fork in the Road. Here’s a message from the author:
“Since 2000 I have worked with numerous business partnerships.  They all have one thing in common, challenges in the relationship between partners.  Even if the business itself is profitable there are often emotional, physical and personal costs to the individuals, their families, employees and even customers.   I wrote Finding the Fork in the Road to show you how to stop suffering in silence and assume that nothing can change.  It can.
Like marriages, business partnerships are the most intense and collaborative, dependent and interdependent relationship you can have.  Because they are, people think about partnerships like marriage; till-death-do-you-part.  My belief is different.  The book focuses on how many things eventually come apart; civilizations, buildings, machines…or they change and will give way to something else.  This is what I believe about partnerships.  It’s about finding the fork in the road.
It’s about building a partnership so that it will end properly, about finding the place of maximum profitability and satisfaction for the partners, and then end in some fashion.   The end does not mean the business dissolves but that the partnership and/or business changes.
In order to reach the fork in the road you’re going to have lots of bumps along the way and hurdles to overcome.  People change, individual needs change, the businesses changes and these will affect the relationships, the business and the partnership.  This is where you need Finding the Fork in the Road. It gives you information on why these challenges occur and practical advice on what to do about them.   You’ll learn both how to prevent problems from occurring and what to do when they do occur so you get back on track.  It provides the anchor, the place to come back to when things go off course or when divergent paths become options.
Finding the Fork in the Road is about partnerships:  how to create one, how to build one and how to manage one when it goes off track.  It’s chock full of checklists, assessments and other tools  to use to determine partnership ‘fit’, establish compatibility, foster trust and measure progress.”

So why is this book different than the rest?  Read the testimonial below about the work Linda has done with one of her clients and you’ll understand what you can learn from the book.
“After several failed attempts at hiring a prospective Partner or grooming longstanding employees for the role, I engaged the services of Linda Finkle.  Under her guidance and council I became much more aware of the unique challenges in a Partnership and worked hard to prevent the old, recurring mistakes from cropping up yet again.
Linda’s insight and abilities were instrumental in creating the resounding Partnership success that we enjoy today.  An extremely talented and loyal employee was groomed to first be a Junior Partner and eventually the Managing Partner.  Linda taught me how to relinquish the reins and the control and taught my Partner to forcefully, yet respectfully begin the requisite leadership role.
Our Partnership is thriving  because we have the same vision and goals and  work together with mutual respect to achieve them.  Without Linda’s support and invaluable advice this would not have been possible.”  ~Ceil Klein, President and CEO  Belman Klein Associates, Ltd
FINDING THE FORK IN THE ROAD will help you whether you are considering a partnership or are struggling in an existing one.


  • How to recognize symptoms and stop treating them as if they were the problem.
  • When the problem is communication and what to do about it.
  • Secrets to successful partnerships and what that means to you.
  • How to determine partnership fit if you are considering a partnership
  • The realities of family businesses and how it affects the business and partnership
  • And so much more….

Can you imagine if there was a way to move your business in a positive direction and have your relationships flourish?
Linda Finkle has worked with dozens of partnerships and countless companies nationwide to build internal communication strategies and conflict resolution approaches.  Her expertise in the area of communication, knowledge of businesses and understanding of relationships provides not just the theoretical understanding of the issues, but practical tools and solutions everyone can use.
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