The Secret to Influence is Your Ability to Become Trustworthy

According to my friend, Bob Burg, in a recent short video he posted as part of the Year of Success program (which I love by the way…more on that below), INFLUENCE is your ability to move someone to take action.  He shares that according to authors John Maxwell and Stephen M. R. Covey, TRUST is the ultimate root and source of our influence.
Bob’s advice?  “If you want to be a top influencer, focus on communicating your trustworthiness.  How? By CONSISTENTLY doing what you say you’re going to do, and doing it with EXCELLENCE.  It’s also by seeking other ways to constantly add value to the lives of others.”
Bob not only speaks these wise words, he lives them.  His context for these points is that people buy from (and are influenced by) those they know, like and trust.  How are you doing on your trustworthiness?  How are you doing on your adding value and serving others with excellence?  These points are highly consistent with the mindsets and frameworks I write about in Seal the Deal.  Rock on!
More about the Year of Success program can be accessed below…

Bob Burg got together with Larry Winget, Sally Hogshead and Mark Sanborn to create a series of short videos called A Year of Success and it’s really great!  The videos are short and powerful…under 4 minutes each. They created a program about helping you achieve more, instead of just talking about achieving more.

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