Permission to hibernate


Leaders need space and time.
Well, good leaders do anyway.
It’s hard to be a good leader if you’re running full tilt, on empty, and doing everything for everyone.
Reclaim your time.
Reclaim your space.
Do you need permission to hide and think?
Do you need permission to hide and work?
Do you need permission to hide and reflect, or plan, or process, or strategize?
Do you need permission to slow down and breathe and hibernate?
Most leaders I know do not get enough sleep, and run all day from meeting to meeting, commitment to commitment.
Break the cycle and create your own hibernation plan.  Some may need to hide for an hour each day, others may need an afternoon off each week, and some may just need to take a few days off each month.
Whatever you decide is right for you, build hibernation time into your executive day and plan for it, protect it with your life, and observe the increase in productivity and impact you’ll create!

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