How to Influence at Work

Do you or someone you coach need a promotion?
Ever wonder how to create and leverage your personal brand at work so that you can influence the decision-makers, whether it’s about implementing your ideas, promoting you, or garnering resources for your programs?
A lot of the executives I coach face challenges navigating internal politics. There are specific, strategic actions you can take to increase your visibility and get yourself known as your intended brand rather than the accidental brand created without your conscious intent.
Take a walk down the A.I.S.L.E.
A. Align
I. Influence
S. Socialize
L. Lobby, Listen
E. Engage, Educate, Enroll
Align your behaviors, actions, and language with your intended brand. First, determine how you want to be perceived and what you want to be known for. What are you the go-to person for? What feels effortless to you but is a strength?
Influence is dependent on your relationships. Who is in your direct sphere of influence and what is important to them?
Socialize your plans, your agenda, your intentions, and your goals with key players in the organization. Seek their buy-in and determine which of them can strategically serve as a champion for you with regard to your intended brand.
Lobby for support from those who are influencers who may not be aligned with you. What would it take for them to buy into your plan and support it? What do they want your vocal support about in exchange? Listen to the most vocal dissenters and objectors. Knowing their arguments and commitments allows you to anticipate road blocks and prepare your response/request.
Educate those who could be influential on your behalf about what you are doing. Engage targeted individuals who have influential reach beyond your spheres. Enroll champions to support your promotion, brand, or ideas.

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