Executive Coaching Survey Released


MindTram has released their 2009 survey results about executive coaching and you can download and read the full report here, but I just wanted to share some key findings:

Top Three Benefits as Reported by the Executives Being Coached:

1. Leadership–Developing Interpersonal and team leadership skills
2. Self-awareness –Becoming more aware of shortcomings, and
being better able to control behavior. Also understand one’s
impact on others.
3. Life Balance –Balancing personal and professional roles more

Top Three Benefits from the Organization’s Perspective:

1. Interpersonal Skills –Communication & Team leadership skills
2. Humility –Genuine confidence with a balanced ego, recognition of
self and others. Increased Courage to voice opinions and share
3. Creativity & Change–An increased willingness to think outside the
box to get results

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