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TalentKeepers’ annual survey, Talent Engagement and Retention Trends, allows organizations to participate and share their cost, causes, and consequences of disengaged employees and benchmark their results against industry norms.
Maitland, FL, January 21, 2011 –(PR.com)– When senior leaders understand what front-line employees want from the organization, their leader, co-workers, and what motivates them in their job, they can effectively breakdown key factors that either drive employee engagement or influence employees to consider options outside the organization. According to TalentKeepers it’s important for organizations to uncover the cost, causes, and consequences of disengaged employees and implement powerful strategies that help increase operational effectiveness.
For over a decade TalentKeepers has conducted a survey called Talent Engagement and Retention Trends to allow organizations to confidentially share employee engagement and retention factors that impacted them over the last 12-months. On average, over 500 organizations within every major industry complete the brief annual survey. One of the critical benefits for participating is that organizations have an opportunity to benchmark their data against industry norms.
“HR Executives are typically tasked with uncovering key factors that influence employee engagement and reporting their findings back to the Executive Team,” explains Christopher Mulligan, CEO for TalentKeepers. “Many times organizations gather data just from within; however when Human Resources also includes industry norms in their discussion and benchmarks the organization against others, buy-in increases for initiatives that require attention because senior leaders value a broader perspective.”
Coaching executives and enhancing their knowledge will improve organizational performance metrics in sales, service, and productivity. TalentKeepers’ encourages all organizations to participate in the short, complementary survey because it gathers key items that have a direct correlation on employee engagement as well as survey takers receive privileged access to research results, white papers that are broken down by industry, and webinars.
“As a global talent management provider, we find it’s important to continuously check in with all types of organizations. We collect the pain points others are faced with on a daily basis as well as share recommendations that we know will work and make a difference to the bottom line,” comments Mulligan. “Executives love to receive meaningful data that will help take the organization to the next level.”
The Talent Engagement and Retention Trends survey is available now. For more information, or to obtain access to the survey, please contact Kerri Weber at kweber@talentkeepers.com.
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TalentKeepers® has spent the past decade researching the reasons why employees choose to join, stay or leave a company. By optimizing co-worker, employee, leader and organizational activities that keep talented employees motivated to help their company succeed, TalentKeepers has become one of the most well known and trusted names in the human resources industry. For more information about TalentKeepers, please go to www.talentkeepers.com.

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