CEO confidence is up despite the supposed "double dip depression"

According to a recent report by Vistage, the organization that organizes CEO roundtable groups around the country, CEOs are expecting to increase revenues and profits this year.  Below are a few excerpts from the report:
“The Vistage CEO Confidence Index rose to 94.4 in the 2nd quarter 2010 survey, significantly higher than the 69.0 recorded in the 2nd quarter of 2009. The Confidence Index has posted six consecutive quarterly gains, rising to its highest level since the 1st quarter of 2007.”
“In Q2 2010, our CEO members expressed increased assurance in their businesses amidst talk of a double dip recession. While CEOs have lowered their expectations for pace of growth in the overall economy, they remain confident that over the next 12 months, they are well positioned to increase revenues and profits, while hiring new employees. Despite the overall positive outlook, Vistage member CEOs reported the biggest challenge they now face is managing costs, credit and cash flow to maintain liquidity amid persistent uncertainty. Moving forward, a larger emphasis will be placed on offering new products and services to keep and generate new customers.”
“Dr. Richard Curtin, Director of Surveys and Consumers at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and a Vistage consultant for the Confidence Index, notes, “All of the index components rose slightly, except the outlook for the national economy. Despite a weakening economy, CEOs have positioned their firms so that they now expect slowly improving revenues and profits.”
“35% of CEOs surveyed will look to innovation in new products and services as their biggest priority to advance their business over the next three years.”
Click for full Vistage report on CEOs

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