10 Goal-Getting Mindsets


Forget Goal-Setting and go for Goal-GETTING!  Anyone can set goals.  It takes some rigor and discipline and of course action to get your goals once they are set.  Here are ten tips for how you can get your goals:

  1. set reasonable, realistic goals that align with your unreasonable, outrageous, enormous and powerful vision
  2. have a specific, measurable, clear intended outcome (success indicators, criteria for completion…how you’ll know)
  3. write them down
  4. set up a system of accountability
  5. enroll support partners
  6. determine a compelling “so what” for why you want to achieve that goal
  7. give yourself permission to succeed
  8. let go of attachment to how it has to happen
  9. do something every day towards your goal
  10. be in constant action.  Focus on mindful action with presence each day.
Don Hutson, co-author of The One-Minute Entrepreneur, in his blog post on mapping out goals for 2009 said it best:
“Studies prove that if you methodically and purposefully set goals you will increase your chances of leading the pack. If you don’t, you might well fall behind those who are vowing to discover what’s right about their current opportunities. You can’t just work hard on your job — you must factor in working hard on yourself to turn untapped capabilities into the currency of results. Many of us have no idea of how far we could go if we would just get focused and go after the rest of our potential.
A recent study revealed that only one-half of 1 percent of the employed American workforce has their goals in writing. Despite the myriad distractions we endure today, we need to get focused on what is possible. The means by which we program our subconscious minds for higher achievement is to have written goals and resolutions that increase our commitment and probability of achievement threefold. If we write them down and assign a time frame for accomplishment, we quintuple our resolve and results.”

My friend and colleague, Tony Mayo, wrote a great blog about Goal Setting Sabotage that explains the common pitfall of tracking progress towards our goals.  Check it out and then let me know your thoughts on the matter!
For more on this topic, I wrote an article giving more detail to the Goal Getting Mind Steps.

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These are very similar to the criteria businesses use for their strategic objectives 🙂

Suzi, this article is tremendously powerful. Thank you for sharing it. I have posted it out on several of my LinkedIn groups with the intention of creating conversations on this topic that will change lives.
All the best,
Christy Shore

Suzi: I really enjoyed your post, especially the part about giving yourself permission to succeed.
That was actually the title of my first book – because I showed people how to get rid of the head trash that can hold you back from the success you’re capable of.
By the way, you can get the first 3 chapters of my new book (free) at
Because I show you how to finally give yourself permission to succeed by using the “secret code of success”.
Hope this helps you,

Many thanks to Jake, Christy Shore, Noah St. John, and Sisi for your comments! I’m so glad you liked it! Thank you for sharing it and for sharing your wisdom with us here. Have a great day!

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