Your recording of the Referral Masterclass for Executive Coaches

In case you missed attending one of the two live opportunities this past Thursday for the launch of the Executive Coach Hub, my partners Ian Brodie, Ben Croft and I collaborated to bring over 300 executive coaches around the world the Referral Masterclass, where we shared 12 pillars of successful referrals, you can now access the recording of the webinar below.  Enjoy!
Top 12 Strategies for Referral Mastery:
1.  Be Referable
2.  Check motives
3.  Plant seeds
4.  Set Expectations
5.  They want to help
6.  Give referrals
7.  Timing
8.   Ask
9.   Acknowledge referrals
10.  Be authentic
11.  Nurture relationships
12.  Detach
and of course, they are explained in the webinar below…

The Referral Masterclass for Executive Coaches
“Just wanted to let you know that the Referral webinar was the best webinar I have ever attended”
Lori Mazan – Executive Coach
“Wow! Ben, you, Ian and Suzi surpassed yourselves! What a brilliant concept”
Pat Dickson – Executive Coach
Thursday we held two launch webinars for The Executive Coach Hub, above are just 2 of the large number of testimonials we received.
If you missed it and the embedded video above doesn’t work,  you can watch the recording here:
The slides can be found here:
If you would like to be part of the initial global Executive Coach mastermind and help develop the Executive Coach Hub you will need to join our linkedin group. You can join here:

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