You CAN Live Your Dream, Really…

I hate hype. Have you ever noticed that many of the most successful internet marketers expect us to read pages and pages of sales copy and then plunk down hundreds or thousands of dollars because they have THE product or THE system or THE strategy that will allow us to live our dream and make millions, meanwhile they are laughing all the way to the bank?  They are selling the sizzle, not the steak.
That’s why I LOVE Marie Forleo.  She is so NOT that.  She delivers huge value and relevant business tips for free on her videos, and while she’s a strategic and savvy master marketer, she is not a hypester.  Marie’s selling the steak, and she’s even giving away free steak, and she’s sizzling as she does it!  Totally authentic, totally strategic, totally aligned with her bigger purpose, totally inspiring, and totally real.  She’s fun, funny, wacky, and brilliant and I’ve got a girl-crush going here!  🙂
You’ve gotta check out her 100% free videos:  one is on the 6 pillars you need to start or grow a successful business that leverages the internet in some way, the second one looks at the dirty little secret strategies (13 keys) behind how she generates millions in revenue while helping hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, and the third one reveals a behind the scenes look at her multimillion dollar business that she runs from her laptop in her NY apartment.  She even has companion worksheets and checklists you can download to help you capture all the great business success tips she shares in these videos.
She seriously packs a lot of whollop…you’re going to want to take notes and watch them a couple of times to get all the juicy goodness she’s sharing.  She’s also just launched her Live Your Dream campaign that showcases women around the world who are making a difference in the world through a business and life they love, and you can too!

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