Why People Buy From You (or Don’t)!

The book, Seal the Deal dives deeply into the mindsets and distinctions for business development as it pertains to service providers.  The excerpt below is from Seal the Deal:
People buy from you because:
• They like you.
• They trust you.
• They value the service you provide.
• They want your products or think your services will help them.
• They have some problem that you can help them solve.
• They trust the person in their life who told them about you.
If you keep your list in mind during your sales process, you’ll know that once one or more of those things are sufficiently present in the other person (organization, etc.), then you can close the deal. The list above provides your litmus test for readiness to approach the close. Likewise, if none of the above is present in sufficient quantities to score the sale, it would be foolish to ask for business at that time.
Learn more (the book is available on Kindle, as a PDF download, or traditional paperback format).

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