When You’re Nailing Your Numbers


Every leader, business owner, and sales person knows that it’s all about the numbers.  A leader of one of the business units at DuPont that I coached recently sent me this cartoon, which made me laugh out loud!

Nailing the Numbers
Nailing the Numbers

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Enjoyed the cartoon.
There is a ton of truth to it too.
Over 30 years I have watched many a manager get in deep water over sales folks that meet numbers……but little else. Expense reports – late. Call reports – late. Relationship with home office employees – horrible.
Oh, but he killed his numbers.
The very best sales people get all the above right.
The very best leaders don’t let them have a choice.

You are on the money, Rob! While we know it is all about the numbers, there’s so much more to it than that, and you’ve articulated it wonderfully! Thanks!

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