The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose to Self-Publish

The publishing industry has changed greatly in recent years, opening more options for today’s author. While being accepted by a publisher may still come with increased credibility for your work, the public is widely embracing self-published authors more than any other time in history.
But why are so many authors choosing the self-publishing route instead of waiting for a publisher to come along? The answer lies in these top five reasons.
1.  Saves time! One of the biggest reason self-publishing is such a hit is because of its ease of use. Traditional publishing could take years to get your book on the shelf, whereas a self-publishing author can finish the process in just months.  If you are building a business or a brand around your book, this gives you faster access to potential clients and ability to earn money back sooner.
2.  You’ve got to market yourself anyways. I’m always a bit concerned when I hear an aspiring author believing that a publisher will do all of the marketing for their book. In reality, the success and marketing of your book is really up to you.  A publisher will start marketing your work ONCE you’ve proven that you can get the sales. I say, if you’ve got to market your book anyways, why not take the credit for it and self-publish.
3.  You get final say in just about everything. Want to choose your cover artist? Know an exceptional layout designer or editor? When you self-publish you retain 100% control over your work.  If you choose professionals to support you, you can create a stellar book on your own. If you decide to update and print a new-edition or simply change a few things, it’s a relatively easy process as well.
4.  The royalties are higher. When you self-publish you will typically earn a few extra dollars in royalties per book. Those extra few dollars can add up to a lot of extra cash over the lifetime of your book.
5. You can get picked up by a publisher later on in your career. One of the greatest things new authors forget is that you can always get picked up by a publisher later. I love the story of the author who wrote The Shack, who sold millions of copies on his own and then signed on with a publisher for a very delicious price.
Self-publishing is a rewarding option for today’s entrepreneurial minded authors.  With faster publishing options, increased exposure through the internet, and a little elbow grease, your self-publishing efforts can take you a long way in the book world.
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