The Obama Factor: How Language Invents the Future


President-elect Barack Obama has captivated the minds and souls of a nation, using the power of his words to invent a brighter future. Our great country has been transformed and a new future created by a man who shapes language as a sculptor shapes clay.

The present is fleeting and the past is gone, so it’s vitally important for us to know how to create future events in new and powerful ways, as the future is all we really have. Further, it is only with language that we are able to invent a bright, new future that captures the hearts and minds of employees, of business partners, and of customers. The question then becomes, how?
The simple answer is this: there are only three ways to invent the future. You can simply declare what the future will be; you can make requests of others that they take certain action at a specific, future date; and you can promise to take action at a set time in the future yourself. Indeed, the answer is simple, but developing the skill and competence to do what President-elect Obama has done, and actually move and challenge others can be learned.
According to  Dan Molloy,President, CEO, and Founder of Molloy Business Development Group, “All we have at our disposal to invent the future is language and action, and developing competence with the Language Of Commitment™ allows people to speak powerfully and with intention.” Molloy further states, “Great leaders like President-elect Obama, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, and Thomas Jefferson have been able to invent new futures for all of us by effectively using The Language of Commitment™. Such power is now available to all of us. In our program students learn what the six core moves in the Language Of Commitment™ are and how to use them. Our program has been studied by companies throughout the country, and is a proven method of increasing sales and customer retention, even in the most depressed areas of the nation.”
Molloy Business Development Group has developed a training program and a process for business, the patent-pending “Language of Commitment™” program that is designed to teach companies and individuals how to speak with intentionality and in the process invent new relationships and new futures with prospects, customers, and amongst employees.
Dan Molloy, President and Founder of Molloy Business Development Group, can be reached via email at

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