Sell Your Services without Selling Your Soul


I was invited to be a featured blogger at People Jam and just posted a piece there called:  Sell Your Services without Selling Your Soul.
How do we sell our services without selling our soul?
The answer lies within the word SELL.
Service, Excellence, Listening, Leadership
These are the components of successful business development no matter who you are.
Service is a mindset of serving and taking care of others.  It is an outward focus, identifying and serving the needs and interests of others.  Notice there’s nothing in here about listing the benefits and features of the services you offer. That’s almost irrelevant.  This is also about providing solid service as a baseline.  A solid track record of good service will fuel your sales going forward.
Excellence is about integrity and focus in your work and in your messaging and in who you are being both at work and in your life.  It is a mindset from which top-tier results are generated.  It is a benchmark for success.
Listening is the crucial element in successful influence of others. Whether you are seeking their votes, their support for your programs or ideas, or their dollars, you can accomplish all your goals by improving and leveraging your listening skills.
Leadership is the key.  We don’t often talk about leadership as a business development skill, but when we can bring the best of our leadership capabilities to our sales process, we can win the game every time… READ MORE  at

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