Sales Insights


Selling is ideally an equal exchange of value.  One of us brings money to the table, the other one brings either a product or service.  Ideally, the two sides of the equation are equal in value, and how we determine the fair value is dependent on quite a few forces.  Since success in sales is all about mindsets, I offer the following random insights and thoughts on the subject:

  • SALES is an acronym for Simply Allowing Life’s Experiences to be Shared (I first learned this from a colleague at ACTO….thanks, Amarah!)
  • Sales is not a brussel sprout or a lima bean.  Nothing about it needs to be “just eat it, it’s good for you.”  Find the sweetness (the candy) in selling and do that.
  • Referrals need to be pull, not push.
  • Sales is an equal exchange of commitment.
  • Know your brand.  Know how you’re showing up.
  • Exceptional selling requires leadership, awareness, authenticity, and a love of the game.

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