Relationship Asset Management

My friend and colleague, Dr. Frumi Barr, provides an amazing service by reading all the great business books out there and writing a book report for those of us who love the content, but don’t have the time to read everything we want to read!  I’m so grateful to Frumi both for doing these book reports as well as for writing the following post for you, my dear readers!

Do you spend a lot of time at different networking events and meetings connecting with new people? And then what happens?
One of the ways I stay in touch with people is by sending out a monthly book summary. I decided to tidy my desk over the holidays and was appalled that I have been so lax at staying connected. I entered over 60 contacts into my database over the weekend and resolved to be more diligent.  That’s what prompted me to select Business is a Contact Sport: Using the 12 principles of Relationship Asset Management to Build Buy-In, Blast Away Barriers, and Boost Your Business by Tom Richardson and Augusto Vidauretta as this month’s featured choice.  This book is about Relationship Assets which are just as important as financial, equipment and information assets. New companies only have relationship assets and little else. Large companies forget how important they are for success.
Please click on this link to download Book Notes on Business is a Contact Sport in PDF format at

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really got me thinking here – thanks.
I’ve been trying to find some way of describing what we do with our software – others keep sticking the CRM label on us, but that isn’t really what we do.
Relationship Asset Management seems a really good description.
Have you trade marked it 🙂

Wish I had thought of it to trademark it! Alas, it was the brain child of the authors Tom Richardson and Augusto Vidauretta. Thankfully, we can still benefit from their wisdom!

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