Over 4,000 coaches registered in one week!


Did you join the ranks of the 4,000+ of our colleagues who signed up for
one of next week’s no-cost webinars??
For the last two years Ian Brodie, Jayne Warrilow, Ben Croft and I have been pouring a huge amount of our time and resources into the biggest project we’ve ever attempted and we are so
pleased with the result that we can’t wait to share it with you next week!
We ran into a few snags along the way (do projects ever go as planned?) but
we’re finally finished and we’re about to launch.
It’s called the Executive Coach Master Business Accelerator and, if I may
be so bold, it can completely change your coaching business. So excited to
share it with you!!
We’ve taken the exact format and design that is used in the high-end
mastermind group we belong to ($100,000 a year in membership dues) and have
made it so that every coach can have access to the same type of education,
networking and collaboration.
We’re holding two special webinars soon that will explain the whole thing,
plus why this is such a big deal for YOU and YOUR business.
We sent the first message out just over a week ago and already we’ve had
over 4,000 people register to join.
I’d hate for you to miss out!
There are two value packed sessions. You can register for them here:
Session 1: http://goo.gl/0ij2Mj
Session 2: http://goo.gl/YCFpJU
A few of the things we’ll cover include:
· 5 coaching megatrends that will critically impact your business in
2014, and what to do about them.
· Simple steps you can take that will yield financial results fast
· 4 ways to build your coaching business that will give you more
money, more leisure time and more freedom.
· The 2 things you can leverage to easily enter new markets or create
your own product.
So come join and see how easy it will be to step into your full potential
as a coach!
The webinars take place at a range of times and dates from March 25 to
April 2
There are two value-packed sessions. You can register for them here:
Session 1: http://goo.gl/0ij2Mj
Session 2: http://goo.gl/YCFpJU
And one more thing…
You’ll get 2 specials gift just for registering.
When you register I will immediately send you:
The Disruptive Business Plan for Executive Coaches
The Referrals Masterclass for Executive Coaches
What are you waiting for?
Register today and join the other 4,000+ coaches who are gathering together
for this exciting event.

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