New book for executive coaches is available now!

new book for executive coaches
New book for executive coaches!
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The Executive Coach Approach To Marketing: Use Your Coaching Strengths To Win Your Ideal Clients And Painlessly Grow Your Business is now available!  I co-wrote it with Ian Brodie, and we know you’ll find it chock full of useful strategies and tools.  This is not another marketing book trying to get coaches to use some salesy system.  This is the executive coach approach, written by executive coaches for executive coaches, and it lets you use your strengths to grow your business.
Update (10/11/16):  There’s now a Kindle version of the book, too!
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Here are a few of the early reviews:
Pomerantz and Brodie have written a book that every executive coach needs about what most executive coaches don’t know – how to market your coaching! The Executive Coach Approach to Marketing is a crucial read for anyone who wants to be a successful executive coach!
~ Marshall Goldsmith – International best-selling author or editor of 35 books including the #1 New York Times bestseller – Triggers
So many coaches engage in magical thinking about marketing and building their practice – help is really needed. This is the one book that really covers all the bases, using true coaching tools to help the coach help himself.  Those who commit to Pomerantz and Brodie’s engaging and exhaustive approach will not only be turning clients away, they will become better coaches as well.
~ Madeleine Homan Blanchard, MCC, Co-Founder and Director of Coaching Services, The Ken Blanchard Companies, Co-author of Coaching in Organizations and Leverage Your Best
Have you ever wondered how some executive coaches are able to authentically sell their services to senior leaders in organizations all over the world? This book pulls back the curtain on two master coaches with proven track records to reveal to you exactly how to do it for yourself; from mindsets to a menu of marketing actions you can try. Save time and get profitable faster with this golden guide.
Dr. C. Jeannine Sandstrom, CEO, CoachWorks International Inc., Author of Legacy Leadership
Yes!  Finally a “How-To” book to support coaches in marketing their business which is actually useful! Easy to read – Easy to follow – Offering specific steps supported by a toolbox of information at every turn. Eliminate the other books from your shelf, incorporate this one, and you will be off on your successful coaching business journey!
~ Bobette Reeder, M.Ed., MCC, President of Reeder Coaching Group, Co-Founder and Founding President, The Coach Initiative
If you’re like many coaches, you might feel a bit uncomfortable marketing and selling your coaching services to organizations.  With this book, Brodie and Pomerantz offer great advice, tools and techniques to help you, genuinely and congruently, grow your business.  These seasoned and successful coaches and business leaders provide you with a roadmap that guides you through a COACH approach to offering your coaching services – an approach that uses what you’re best at – your relationship skills. I can’t recommend this highly enough!
~ Terrie Lupberger, Executive Coach, Author and Advisor to C-Suites and Teams, former CEO of Newfield Network
Lots of people offer business development advice for coaches, but most of them are not seasoned coaches who have built a successful practice with delighted clients. Suzi and Ian are the real deal and know exactly what it takes to attract and keep clients. Even better, they show you how to do this naturally, using strengths that you already have as a coach.
~ Andrew Neitlich, Director, Center for Executive Coaching, Author of Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches
If only I’d had this book when I started out! Packed with practical tools and strategies, it will help you grow your business so you can make the impact that inspired you to begin with. It’s a no-brainer investment!
~ Margie Warrell, Women’s Leadership Coach and Bestselling Author of Stop Playing Safe and Find Your Courage
The Executive Coach Approach to Marketing is a treasure trove of tried and true tools for defining and successfully growing your business as a coach.  This book gives everyone – from early stage to master level coaches – valuable insights, critical questions, and proven processes that will focus your marketing and accelerate your business success.
~ Steve Lishansky, CEO of Optimize International, Founder and Executive Director of the Executive Coaching Institute
There are many great Executive Coaches out in the world, but being a great coach doesn’t mean you’re a great marketer. Now there’s help. This book is packed with simple, practical tools and techniques that can help any coach to sharpen up your client-winning skills and build relationships with executives at all levels that will lead to a steady and reliable flow of new business.
~ Donna Steinhorn, Executive Coach and Life Strategist, Co-Founder of The Coach Initiative
Simple. Practical. Useful. Profound.  If you’re wondering about executive coaching, this book will answer your questions.
~ Linda J. Miller, MCC, Global Liaison for Coaching, The Ken Blanchard Companies, Co-author of Coaching In Organizations
This book simply resonates. The world of coaching is full of myths and rumors about how to best market your services and win clients. This book clears the fog and lays out a step-by-step guide that any coach can follow to reliably win more clients in a way that feels aligned. Full of practical suggestions and keen insights. Highly recommended.
~ Jayne Warrilow, Founder, Resonant Coaching,CEO, JW International, Author of An Energy Awakening

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