Lose your negative attitude about selling

Once we take the time to understand our mindsets and the societal/ cultural mindsets pertaining to sales, then we can begin to reframe these important activities in a way that supports us and sustains us, rather than depletes us or stresses us. It is possible to transcend dysfunctional sales practices and simply help people in ways that they will appreciate. Sales feels uncomfortable when it is not aligned with core values.
My Grandma Helen always said, “Life can be beautiful.” Well, I’ll borrow her attitude here and assert, “Sales can be beautiful.” You get to break out of the mental chains, change the game, and create a new dynamic around selling—one that is meaningful to you. When it is integrity-based, it gives you energy because it is linked to your core values.
(The above was excerpted from my book, Seal the Deal, which is also available on Kindle)

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