It’s All in Your Attitude – Access to Sales Results

I’m always writing and talking about  mindsets.  It’s all about mindsets, and closely linked to mindsets is attitude.  One attitude in particular that really serves in the sales process is that of “being YES”.  Let me explain:
Sometimes we shoot ourselves in the foot in the sales process because we engage in a conversation with a prospective client and the opportunity being presented seems larger than we are equipped to handle.  We get scared and start to wonder how on earth we’ll fulfill on that, before we’ve sealed the deal! This is a good time to give your brain a firm “whoa nellie!” and slow down.  When we are caught up in wondering how we’re going to find the time, resources, skills or capacity to fulfill on an opportunity, that influences our mindsets and we become a “well, I’m not so sure I can handle this”.  Regardless of the words you say in a moment like that, your BEING speaks louder than anything you might be saying.
Being Yes is as simple as going into every conversation with a  yes.  Not a “yes, but…”, just a simple “yes”.  It is remarkable what shifts in your business development process from that point on. It is a matter of self leadership.  If you can cause your attitude and mindsets to align with YES, knowing and trusting that you will solve all the problems of resources when and if they arise, you have much more freedom and latitude in the sales process to generate new business opportunities.
Being Yes is the secret to proactive growth in your business.  Don’t worry about the how or the when, just be a yes and it will happen!
What are some examples from your own experience where you went into the situation or conversation “being Yes” and what did you notice in terms of results? I’d love to hear your stories!

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At one time i was a senior vice president in a commercial real estate company, and the first thing you learn when you are in that business is that just because you have a signed deal doesn’t mean it is going to go through. There are 100 more hurdles you have to go through before the deal is final. The broker and/or the agent — those who are any good at it — learned to say, “No problem” to everything that occurred, and then just handle whatever needed to be handled and move on to the next thing. This is a version of “Being Yes”, which i love.

Thanks, Miles! You are so right…the deal is not sealed until the money is in hand…many times a signed contract is nothing more than an intention to move forward, and the best sales results happen when we stay in a sales mode and remain “being yes” all the way through the service cycle as well! 🙂

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