Free download: The Business of Coaching Map: 5 Critical Keys to a Thriving Coaching Business


You’re a brilliant coach but you may be unknowingly sabotaging your own success. Which is exactly why my colleagues Melinda Cohan and Kate Steinbacher, the Coaching Business Building Vixens, are giving away The Business of Coaching Map: 5 Critical Keys to a Thriving Coaching Business.
I highly recommend downloading it immediately.
When you do, you’ll get a list of best practices for setting up and running a thriving coaching business.
Kate and Melinda want you to have exactly what you need to get exactly what you want in business–the kind of streamlining that allows you to easily attract and work with clients, while earning as much profit as possible (with as little stress as possible!). To do that, you must reach the pinnacle of organization in your business so you can focus on what you really love – coaching!
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When you get organized, you supercharge your productivity and your profits.
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You may believe you’d never sabotage your own success, but the truth is that even brilliant coaches do it all the time – because important tasks fall through the cracks. If you’re a busy coach and you’d like to earn more money, grab your Business of Coaching Map now.
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