Facebook Marketing – Is it a waste of your time?

Did you know…
Facebook has over 1 billion users!?  That number
of Facebook members includes a lot of your potential
BUT… the majority of businesses are not
getting results from their Facebook marketing!  That’s right,
they see no increase in customers or in profits. Don’t be in
that group of entrepreneurs wasting your time and energy.
My friend and Leading Coach, Janet Slack, is an expert on
Facebook Marketing and she’s dedicated
to helping people get better at using Facebook in
their businesses.
I love Janet’s programs, and her Facebook 4 Biz program
promises to be amazing: she teaches the
details of what works with Facebook marketing.  And just as
importantly, Janet will teach us what NOT to do, too.  After
taking Facebook 4 Biz, you’ll save time and energy by staying
with the actions that are actually effective.
There are a lot of Facebook marketing trainings, but what makes
Facebook 4 Biz stand out is the focus on teaching you strategies
that coordinate all the different features of Facebook.  No matter
how Facebook shifts in the future – and you know it will change
again – once you understand the workings of the system that Janet
teaches, you’ll be able to adapt and keep up with any changes.
Here are the program details:
Dates: November 9, November 13, November 16 and November 20, 2012
Time: 12:00 – 1:00 pm ET (New York, USA)
Recordings: Available to all registrants.
Registration: Click here
In addition, you can get the optional coaching upgrade and get support,
coaching and accountability from Janet for two additional months while
you implement what you learned in the program.
This is innovative online training, teaching you step-by-step actions
to make Facebook an efficient and productive marketing tool for your
business, including:
•     Ways to customize your business page.
•    How to have a Facebook strategy as a cornerstone of your activity.
•    Tips for converting friends to connections on your business page.
•    Utilizing the viral elements of Facebook for maximum exposure.
•    Translating activity into growing your business.
•    Tracking your progress and results.
•    And so much more!
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to make Facebook grow
your online business to bring you clients and cash.  Mark your calendar
and register now.
I’ve heard Janet talk about Facebook marketing myself and I learn
something new from her every time.  She’s great at explanations
that are easy to understand, and she’s super-devoted to helping coaches and
solopreneurs grow their businesses, so I really endorse Facebook 4 Biz.  I’m sure you
will gain far more than your investment in this program.  Here’s that link again to

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